Saturday, December 29, 2007

post christmas post

christmas day outing : 2007
we drove for like 2 hours to hanging rocks, only to discover that the it was not open on christmas day! very dodgy. so then we went to some random deserted park nearby for lunch instead, because we were all starving by then. but, at the picnic grounds there were all these little flying thingys, which was really gross. so then we ended up eating bread inside the car. yes, very very dodgy. so we drove all the way back to melbourne and went to albert park lake to finish off our lunch, then things weren't too bad after all. after that we went to st. kilda beach which was quite nice, but i was all prepared for hiking at hanging rocks and so i didn't have any thongs or anything... we flew a kite there, that was fun, it was good that it was pretty windy so we could get the kite pretty high :) however, the kite was one of those really dodgy plastic ones so it kinda broke after a while...then we couldn't fly it anymore :( ...but we dipped our feet in the water and had running races on the sand so that was fun =P

boxing day shopping : so many people!!!
i think it was the first time i've been boxing day shopping and it was soooo crowded and the fitting room lines were long as. but we all ended up scooping some nice bargains and i finally bought some comfy and nice sandals so i was really happy ^^

oh dear! i just realised that we forgot to take photos on christmas !! ....oh time i'll definitely remember...

Monday, December 24, 2007


this was the first time that i've been to docklands, looks quite nice there...however, it was kinda empty cos there weren't much people. had lots of fun anyways =P

Sunday, December 23, 2007

course prefs. not so easy

i am indecisive fullstop

or perhaps this was what i should have been thinking of doing all along. this whole year i've been telling everyone, including myself, that i want to do pharm. sci/ engineering at monash... but to think about it now that course has heaps of chem in it and not as much bio, and i did better in bio in my vce... the career possibilities are very broad though, but at the moment i still only have a vague idea. so like three days before course prefs. are due i suddenly decide, hey i'm gonna do dental science now...gee sounds really random ..but then the more i think about dentistry, the less i think its boring, in fact it has a lot to do with bio and in the end its not really a job where you do the same thing everyday..cos different people would have different teeth problems..and well this sounds really silly but teeth are pretty important...apparently they're the easiest part of you to decay while you're alive - okay that sounds really weird - but you need them everyday, we all eat food don't we? ...

nevertheless, i'm not even sure if i can get into the course cos part of the selection process is umat and performance in pre reqs which i didn't do that great in methods and chem so yeah... now i think if i don't get in i might feel a bit disappointed ... *sigh* ...and i have to wait till mid january to know so that's like another 3 weeks!

but then again, i wouldn't really mind that much doing engineering/pharm. sci cos its sciencey and i quite enjoy science...oh well! i can't do anything about that now, so i'll just give dental science a try and if not i'll just do engineering/ pharm sci...i think this is probably the latest time that i've ever blogged at...but i feel much better after pouring out all my thoughts =)

Saturday, December 22, 2007


first time that i've blogged since exams finished and everything. now that yr 12 is officially and entirely over i feel more than anything - relief. apparently uni isn't as stressful..or so some say. but uni? ...uni? i don't think i'm ready for it yet..i don't want to grow up!! it's another step into the real world and i'm scared. i admit it, i'm a scaredy cat..i'm like scared about everything from the dark, to ghost even talking to ppl sometimes. i'm not very brave. but i wish i was. and i wish i didn't have to grow up ...haha i wanna be like peter pan and never grow up lol i don't even really know the story...

is there a way to increase my EQ? because if there is i wanna know, cos i think my EQ is very low. is there some way to improve social skills ? lol i need that too. sometimes i really wish i had a different personality, someone more talkative, less shy, more courageous...i wish i knew what to say at the right time...

this is really random but i just wanted to say that i finally baked choc chip cookies! (like 2 weeks ago) lol that had been on my to do list since the start of the year...and the cookies didn't turn out too bad i guess, a bit too much butter though but otherwise i'm happy ^^

look o.O -->
(okay, the tips of some of the choc chips are a tad bit burnt -.- ...but it tastes ok anyway! ......i hope! )

i think i really need to learn more cooking on the hols or i'd be eating 2 minute noodles everyday when i grow up [which unlike most ppl, i dun really like eating] i guess i just have to accept the fact that i do actually have to grow up ... maybe one day... but not now

now i feel like being lazy, not studying for my l's, not cleaning up my room, not doing anything at all and just typing random stupid incomprehensible stuff (i.e. this!)

lol i can't believe i've written so much, i can talk a lot when i want to i guess...haha i seem to say 'i guess' a lot...i guess (there it is again!)it's cos i'm not so sure about anything, because everything seems kinda flimsy, anything can change, and nothing really stays the same...