Monday, March 24, 2008

too good to eat

i stumbled upon this website [] and look at what i found...

a mint chocolate cupcake bear from the amigurumi bakery!

its soooooo cute!! >.< and there's lots more!i even found a blueberry lollipop one hehe...

totemo kawaii desu!!

the chocolate puppy looks so cuddleable ^.^ i want to hug it! =P

Sunday, March 9, 2008

uni: week one

the first week of uni has just gone by. to tell the truth i kinda do miss high school, but so far uni has been better than i had expected. hehe and i'm starting to actually know where buildings and stuff are located so i'm not getting lost as much =) the bad thing about uni is the big breaks that we get, and esp. with dent we can't actually choose our timetable or anything so that kinda sucks. i really enjoyed our prac class even though i got pretty tired after the three hours. another bad thing is the 8 o'clock days we get, lol so now i'm starting to get sleep deprived even though i go to sleep really early already. i came back home from camp (which wasn't that great cos there was so much drinking and stuff there and the place was pretty dodgy - so not my type of camp)the first thing mum said to me when she saw me was like ' wow, what happened to your face?!' =.=" turns out i got around twenty mossie bites and nine of them were on my face! =( !!!!in the morning when i was brushing my teeth i only saw a couple and i already got pretty depressed then, so yeah, when i got home i felt waaay worser !(not that there is such a word but...) lol i must've looked pretty odd on the train and stuff with all those red spots on my face!

so altogether i've had a nice five days of uni complimented by a totally dodge weekend. i think that's enough complaining from me for the time being...