Saturday, June 5, 2010

five ways to brighten up another swotvac day


1. dig out those long forgotten coloured pencils and sketchbook, and let imagination run wild

2. bring the kettle to the boil and brew a cup of soothing-super healthy-antioxidant packed green tea

3. jump up and down counting to 100, release some serotonin and endorphins for an energy boost, no kidding - it really works :P

4. music, music, music.....

5. forget about dental decay for twenty minutes, and relish a luscious strawberries and cream chupa chup ^^


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the edge


on the edge
. a state of imbalance
chaos stretching tension to its limits

on the outside
- like a broken seabreeze

and through the window

on the inside
a smouldering flame,
sparks igniting
the multitude of uncontained fires

a vicious cycle
still unfolding

on the edge
only a meagre watering can
droplets in an inferno

wavering on the edge
like a joke
what we needed was a firetruck