Tuesday, January 30, 2007


明天就要开学了, 真的不舍得这个又轻松又好玩儿的暑假! 两个月好像过得特别快, 时间一晃眼就过去了, 我连一分一秒都抓不住.

希望今年可以更加努力学习!! 还有, 希望我会想好明年想念什么因为现在还是想不通.

好吧, 暑假, 再见!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


to dream
is to reach for the sky
and be able to grasp it
to feel the freedom
to see no boundaries

to dream
is to allow
imagination become reality
hopes to become truths
the impossible to become achievable

to dream
is to be enchanted
to be lost
in a magical universe
and never want to find the way back

only dreamers can teach us to soar - Anne Marie Pierce

Thursday, January 18, 2007


is there such thing?

do we all have already laid out paths that will inevitably become our future? could this be the explanation for mere coincidences? and who are we to thank or blame for the seemingly destined happenings that occur? ...that is if destiny exists...

or, could destiny just be a word to label something intangible that would otherwise be an unfathomable mystery?

there are more questions than there are answers, yet it's these questions that make life all the more to live for.

Monday, January 15, 2007

{relativity...or not}

how can emotions be measured? perhaps they can't because different people have different expectations, different hearts. we do not all feel the same things and to understand fully somebody else's feelings is not an easy thing. how can one describe?

happiness? you might say, very happy or kind of happy or not really happy, but what is very,kind of and not really? well i guess you could say very happy is more than just happy, and so on and so forth. what one person may call happy,what another person may not even know how to feel... language cannot utterly describe something that may seem so simple. that's similar to asking someone 'what does a strawberry taste like?' simple question, difficult answer. sweet? sour? fragrant? but that would also describe a million other things...

emotions and feelings have a complexity beyond comprehension.

everything seems relative to one another, an endless row of bottles of coloured sand, each differing slightly from the next, each having slight variations in shades and patterns, each without the ability to replace another.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

笑一笑 smile a smile

is seeing believing? must we see something to know the truth? perhaps, perhaps not...
because what we may see on the surface isn't actually what's on the inside...everything has more than one side, more than one perspective, it could be sunset or sunrise, half full or half empty..

...and things change, people change, but what remains the same?

do personalities change? if you change the original, then it isn't what it was before anymore.

hehe...i could babble and ramble on forever, but that's enough for now, so for the moment ...smile a smile ... 笑一笑吧!

" the sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world's joy " ~ Henry W. Beecher