Sunday, February 20, 2011

unedited from the heart

>> this is the third time i've backspaced, and doing this the fourth time would seem rather pointless. so here it is, the words un-backspaced, without edit because i'm feeling so exhausted..and i guess typing things straight out just uses up less energy...which i'm clearly lacking at the moment after three colossal weeks of our feb intensive uni period. despite learning a heap of interesting stuff, making a lot of progress in very little time, ...just feel like i'm neglecting myself a bit. maybe for a while too long? i'm peddling, and peddling...but the tyres are running flat. refreshened energy can come in many different forms, but it all falls back to doing things that you love, sharing time with family and friends, giving time to people who need and time make things go round. i think self expression is also part of that key, letting out the things you feel, bottled up emotions and thoughts will only implode at the least convenient situations. and doing something you enjoy can be that pathway towards expressing yourself. arts & crafts has always opened up a wonderful whimsical creative and limitless world for me. i remember building models of playgrounds from scraps of paper and straws when i was little, and the list is endless. i love working with colours and textures and shapes, i love the idea of something handmade from the heart, i love the creative outlet...yes, i umm.. have this little crush on arts&crafts ♥