Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i'm bored and hungry...not a good combination

it's 6:41 already! and i'm STARVING !!!! ok...maybe a lil exaggerated... anyhows i can't believe its already been like two months since end of vce...and less than a month till uni starts..omg i'm not ready for it yet!! i'm actually quite satisfied with what i've managed to do during these holidays so far, hehe i've baked choc-chip cookies =P, i went all the way to the city to get my tax file number, i got my L's (yay!), i cleaned my room (several times), i finally put up photos in facebook and lots and lots more ^^ only thing now is i need to find a part-time job....

Monday, January 28, 2008

[two minute picture + photoshopping]

colour is an interesting thing. it can create emotion effortlessly, without a single word. what an odd thing colour shape, no form, no texture...yet it's still there...colour creates shape, reveals form, enhances texture...

is personality like colour? something that is physically intangible yet always there, and within itself personality holds some sort of life (in a figurative way)...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

enrolment day @ monash

omg ... lol the parkville campus is soooo tiny! though it was prettier and much more modern than i had expected, so that was comforting :)
i couldn't believe how fast enrolment was...basically you just get your name ticked off, get a copy of the student diary and orientation booklet, take a photo for your student i.d. card(which i look horrible in!) and that's it! sally and i were gonna go to have a walk around the campus (not that there's much to walk around...)but most of it was blocked off cos they're still then we decided to go to the bookshop to check out the books on our booklist. the books are all humungous and extremely heavy!! lol and expensive too!
yes, a rather uneventful enrolment day.... =.=
oh well, i hope orientation is much much better!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

sleepover + movies + tea party = fun

went to my cousins' place for a sleepover for a couple of days.

we re-watched the korean winter sonata series, played ludo and scrabble, went shopping and saw golden compass AND WE HAD A TEA PARTY where we made lots of yummy food =P (although not exactly what you'd call healthy...hehe we drank water instead of soft drink to kind of balance it golden compass was better than i had expected, though i was kinda confused at bits but i like the scenery and stuff, storyline was relatively linear, open-ended ending ...anyways i'm guessing the book itself would be much more detailed and better explained - as with movies like lotr and harry i'm hoping to read northern lights one day...

our tea party was more of a random-food party, but it was great anyway cos we got to make all of the food ourselves and it was the first time that i'd made honey that was really fun...we had fairy bread,raspberry and apple jelly, mango jelly, pancakes, nachos, honey joys (of course)and fruit salad - yes, an odd combination but delicious nonetheless!

some of our tea party dishes.... demented burnt pancake...

....and a closer look at our 110% scrumptious honey joys...