Monday, April 7, 2008

my stupid complaints

*sigh* today has been a bit of a dodgy day, and here's why:

1. after our lectures today the weather was really warm, well warm for autumn anyway, the sun was out and all, then the trams at swanston st weren't working so we walked all the way from there to elizabeth st to get the tram. ok, maybe it wasn't that far but it made me feel even hotter by the time i got to the tram stop. the thing is, i was wearing a jumper (stupid me) and i couldn't really take that that really bugged me...

2. i went to get my formal pants shortened at this clothes shop place and the person wasn't there so i have to wait till tomorrow to get it, which by then the infection control prac would be over and i need to wear "professional attire" for that. yes, very dodgy because pretty much all of my clothes don't fall under that category. so i went rummaging through my wardrobe for something suitable to wear, which i have finally found so i'm kinda glad about that. however, i felt kinda outta place and weird when i was trying on that stuff so i'm not quite sure how on earth i'm gonna survive wearing that for the whole entire day tomorrow...

3. i decided to get a start on my dent assignment, which i had already tried but wasn't successful since the dentist i interviewed didn't really have any thoughts about dentistry :S ...anyways, so i decided to call wend's dentist to see if i could make an appointment to interview her....but then i got rejected by the receptionist cos she said the dentist was too busy and etc hence, now i'm starting to stress out about finding a dentist to interview... *sniff*

4. not sure exactly why, but i have a headache now... so i don't feel that great either :'(

anyhows, after letting out all my complaints for the day i feel really stupid for feeling grumpy and down cos they are such miniscule things to feel bad about...hehe so now i'm gonna enjoy what's left of the day :] !!!!

p.s. here's a pic from my phone of a double rainbow i saw on last thursday after it rained :)