Sunday, May 3, 2009



the words seem to batter against the edge of my mind. like caged birds - silenced by their barricade with the outside world - and attempting with all their might to set themselves free.

and none of it is making sense, because it's illogical, illogical to know that there is a way out yet still fall into this relentless cycle.

tremble. shudder. as if there is something i want to say, something i need to say. maybe i just need to yell it all out. stand on a deserted mountain peak, with the wind cold against my face, and scream it all out, just let it all out. then let the rain wash it all away, and the sun soak it up with its warm rays.

it's irksome, the countless unresolved question marks.

still the songless silent birds search for the locked door, for an exit point for the words unsaid.