Sunday, August 29, 2010

adventure #3 - rainbow pasta


balance is having a bit of everything, and for a for a nice balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - rainbow eating is the answer! apparently eating one fruit or vegie from each of the five colour groups (red, orange, yellow, green, purple/blue) is a simple way to ensure you get a good variety of nutrients in your diet.

so on thurs, while i took a break from staring at several confusingly similar oral pathology histo slides, i had a bit of a cooking adventure ...and i cooked up some rainbow pasta ^^...didn't have proper pasta sauce at home so i just made-do with tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, garlic, dried basil and a hint of chilli flakes :P then i cooked some corn, peas and carrots to go with the wholemeal fusilli pasta...i was just missing some beetroot or red cabbage for the purple/blue category...which probably would've turned my entire bowl of pasta a rather odd colour...

anyhoos, i ended up eating a very satisfying healthy lunch :)


Monday, August 23, 2010

inspiring people


i got home pretty late today, and ended up eating spagbol in front of the telly whilst watching the 7pm project. then because i was feeling kinda drained from uni and clinic and standing on the train during peak hour, i ended up staying to watch undercover boss as well...

what really struck me was the inspiring stories behind each and every employee. the passion and enthusiam they exuded was truly inspirational. and they all came from backgrounds of hardship - yet still walked a positive life - in the way they spoke, in the actions they took. there was one employee who had starting working at the theme park since he was 14, and after 6 years, is working there full time - 40 hours a week. he was warm and cheerful to every guest that came through the theme park because he truly wanted to give them a wonderful experience at the themepark, not just because it was his job. and what's more, he was working to earn money to study a course part-time at night. he's family is poor and can't support him to get schooling, yet he faces this obstacle with such a positive outlook and motivation. it was moving to see his reaction when he was offered a scholarship by the ceo - the tearful joy, bursting with gratitude.

there are just so many amazing people from all walks of life, who work so hard, who despite all these hardships still battle on and trudge forwards.

thank you, for inpiring me.

"opportunity is missed by most people

because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work" ~ thomas edison


Sunday, August 22, 2010

adventure # 2 - weekend collage


i'm feeling a bit guilty...this adventure project was originally intended to be a ten day thing...though i think at this rate i may need to amend it to a thirty day project >< ...

my computer decided to very kindly go on a strike on wednesday and i've had to format it, so i'm still busy trying to reinstall all my programs back in which is taking a painstakingly long time! there's always a silver lining to everything, and amongst all the program cd's, i found my rather ancient adobe photoshop elements installation cd...yay :)

and here's where photoshop brought me...

[p.s. it's a collage of my weekend :

L to R : (1) colour the world; (2) rainy day saturday; (3) best ever nando's ad from the sunday age; (4) costume designing for my lil bro's book character parade; (5) stamps, stamps and more stamps; (6) green tea; (7) note-it post-it; (8) an apple a day; (9) textbooks which sadly i only managed to read 0.01% of during what was supposed to be a productive sunday]


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

adventure # 1 - once upon a time


maybe monday wasn't exactly the best day to start an adventure, considering i left the house before the sun rose properly, and came back home after the sun set...nevertheless, i did manage to squeeze in twenty or so minutes for a little adventure...

books are one of those amazing things that despite being only made from paper and ink, can take you to places without you having to move at all.

imagination is beautiful.

and just to add to the experimentalness of this project, i decided to read something i wouldn't normally read...and what's better than entering the wonderful world of fairytales. that's right, thinking cinderella, rapunzel, snow white, rumpelstiltskin...and who can forget the frog prince? but reading those classic fairytales would just contradict the whole point of trying something new...thankfully there were tales like fred & kate, the little peasant and doctor know-all from grimm's fairytales to kindly shed a new light on once-upon-a-time stories for me. simple tales, simple humour and simply clever storytelling...

...a bedtime story was the perfect end to a long and exhausting day *yawns*...


Sunday, August 15, 2010

ten day adventure project


a quarter of the semester has rushed by, and rather surreptitiously in fact - so much so that i'm looking in my diary a bit taken aback by how much i've already forgotten about what has happened in the past three weeks. is it that when we keep doing, and hearing, the same things again and again that things become a bit blurred together - like the monotone lecturer hyponotising you to sleep before you're even halfway through the lecture slides?

maybe it's just this uni-work-weekend cycle that keeps rolling by endlessly...or perhaps the laziness seeping into me quite deeply, too deeply...i guess it's still the midst of, brain in hibernation mode? possibly.

no matter how, what or a lightbulb flashing, something somewhere in the back of my mind is jumping up and down and shouting out, 'time for an adventure!' indeed, it may be.

i think adventure often has some sort of large-scale epic-journey-in-a-foreign-place notion to it, like trekking through the amazon jungle or sailing across the atlantic ocean...but i'd like to take 'adventure' from a different perspective today...

adventure is discovery, it's taking that step beyond the usual boundaries, trying something new - exhilaration brewed with joy, and a few leaves of mint for freshness.

i'm going to embark on a ten day adventure, startin from tomorrow. yups, that's right, tomorrow. but nope, i'm not hopping on plane, nor jumping into a boat and neither will i be going on a roadtrip...i'm heading to unfamiliar avenue, discovery city, somewhere amongst the hustle bustle of this universe...

a ten day - ten new things project. dedicating a slice of my day to something different, and out of the ordinary from my usual.

this will be a one of a kind adventure, just wait and see :)


Monday, August 2, 2010



funny, how we're all the same yet different.
odd, how things change so much yet they don't.
strange, how unreasonable reason can be.

it's like a train without brakes, a sky with a hole, a house without a door, a book with shredded pages, an umbrella upside down...


please excuse, this lack of expressibility