Thursday, March 12, 2009

a letter to my beloved enemy


dearest procrastination,

sometimes it frightens me a little how time can slip away unknowingly. i really was planning to get a good two or so hours of much delayed studying to be accomplished -_____-"

please don't tempt me any longer. please don't try to lure me into reading interesting articles or doing any more random quizzes on the net or eating food unnecessarily.

.....pretty please?

yours sincerely,

the part of my brain that is still functioning


....yes...i really should get a move on those biochem notes or something equally productive so that i actually have spare time to bake those choc chip cookies for my bro's school fair....yay COOKIES!!...that shall be my motivation :D

Friday, March 6, 2009



the last leaf falters
is swept away by the wind

the bare tree frozen
waits helplessly for winter to pass
and i had forgotten
back in the flurry of events

forgot that sometimes
only when you let it break away
then can the heart remain alive
and what was lost will be more than regained

the spring sun emanates
awakening the first new leaf

now i remember
i am still here