Sunday, March 25, 2007

can't think

hehe... just realised that mostly what i blog is merely a ramble.. gah.. or maybe i knew all along subconciously..ok that word just made me think of a dozen random stuff too complex for my brain to handle right now.

so what exactly's supposed to go on these blogs, eh? i guess probably like a diary entry kinda thing, recounting, retelling, rethinking. taking a new perspective on things? ok then. ah-hem, so here it goes, my um... 'diary entry':

woke up at half past seven this morning...which technically equates to half past six since it's that daylight saving thingy today (yay got to sleep for an extra hour). so i got up early, and then mum made me bake garlic bread for brekky in the oven and said that i should learn to do things independently - 'i need to learn how to cook! - eventually i managed to preheat the oven and shove in the bread at the right the end it turned out quite nice actually :)

hehe then i watch some kids tv with my lil bro...awww it's so cute..brings back memories of playschool and sesame street ( elmo and zoe rock!) ... haha um mental blank can't remember what show it was..just that it was cute >.<

so then packed my bag and left to catch the bus, which was coming at 8:31 to be exact, well it was supposed to come at that time, but buses aren't exactly the most trustworthy and punctual things so it came a lil late. the bus driver was nice and smiled. anyways the thing i hate bout buses on sundays is that there's like one every hour and chinese school starts at nine thirty so that meant i was like 45 mins early. i sat outside waiting patiently and listening to music and then a bunch of guys who happened to be occupying the bench next to the one i was sitting at starting to make a racket and were laughing about i don't know what but just being really then i had to turn up my music ...gah..stupid ppl...

...enough writing lol i think i've vented enough anger today...dinner time soon, but i'm not very hungry..i think i ate too much for lunch and a ate heaps of watermelon a while after that too!

embrace life, enjoy food ^^

Sunday, March 18, 2007

. pause .

sometimes we seem so rushed, so busy, so full of things to do, there's no time to do anything else besides hurrying along to the incessant beat of the day, the week, the month...the unrelenting flow of time.

too crowded and too much. yet time still tics away, uncatchable, unpredictable. always coming and going, but never returning.

too loud and too crammed. yet the melody of time continues playing, turning, changing. to relive the past is to lie.

does time ever stop? can it? will it?


is quintessential, even music has bars of rest and volume can be muted.

forget everything for a moment. sit down. close eyes.

. p a u s e .

Saturday, March 10, 2007

b u b b l e

the bubble g r o w s
more air fills it
m o r e and m o r e

its surface shiny
stretched out

m o r e and m o r e

too much pressure

too much to bear


and all of a sudden
vanished without out a trace

poor bubble.

Sunday, March 4, 2007



is there always an answer?

....was that a rhetorical question?? is it possible to post a blog purely made up of a bunch of questions? to question everything but answer nothing? to ask but not reply?

can everything be questioned? and even if there is an answer, will it suffice? or is the human heart insatiable, never able to find satisfaction? when we know the answer, do things become clearer, or more blurred?

and is it that important to know?

because isn't it better not knowing sometimes?

what would you choose? would you dare?