Sunday, December 31, 2006

^^ happy feet

i took my lil bro to see happy feet on was so cute, and definitely no disappointments, very meaningful too...a must see for everyone! =P



甜甜的 热热的 软软的 香香的
不会变酸 变冷 变硬 变臭


Wednesday, December 27, 2006


the heart has reasons which the reason cannot understand
Blaise Pascal

Thursday, December 21, 2006

je m'en fiche

*punches the wall with a fist* (oops that made a really big dent in the wall) ok, now i feel much better...only joking, as if i would ever do that...

right now i could tear apart door, eat three blocks of dark chocolate and break all the plates in my house...i could, but i won't...not right now anyway.

aren't peace and freedom two words that go together hand in hand? but if you actually think again...if you have one, you can't have the other, now isn't that odd? well i guess it could happen if everyone in the world was a good person (although it might be quite hard to actually define what a 'good' person is...), but obviously that is not the case in the world the we live in. because say if everyone got to have their freedom, then that would mean that terrorists would be able to have freedom too, and robbers, and toddlers throwing tantrum in the supermarket, bugging their parents to buy some lollipop or something like that...well wouldn't the world be chaotic...and that definitely isn't peaceful, is it? and again, if there is to be peace not everyone can have their freedom, can they? i have officially come to the very-much-thought-throughly-about conclusion that peace and freedom cannot coexist in our current world today.

but to choose between peace and freedom...that is hard...i think i would rather sacrifice my freedom for peace though...

i want to run away, run away from my own thoughts , but how is that possible, they say, you can run away from everyone,anyone, except for yourself...

i don't want to listen, i don't want to hear it, it isn't that it's all useless to me, but it's that it's partially too sharp, like a knife, and human beings aren't strong enough to withstand such things, especially the heart, i mean we're not like blocks of steel or something...because you know what? i've given up retaliating, even smiling when i feel the complete opposite, perhaps no reaction is a good reaction... i want peace. not tomorrow, but right now.

it's so easy to let something out, but much much harder to take it back.

and i shall end my ramblings with a quote, a string of words to thank you with, for taking the time to read my blog today, and perhaps something for you to ponder about:

"As we aquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious." - Albert Schweitzer

Saturday, December 16, 2006

en francais s'il vous plait

(tout d'abord, si j'ai fait des erreurs dites-moi s'il vous plait, j'espere que je peux ameliorer mon francais!)

hier, je suis allee a la plage avec mes amis. nous nous sommes amuses bien! :P nous sommes alles au safeway pour acheter la nourriture. puis, nous avons fait au barbecue a cote de la plage. ensuite, nous avons fait une promenade a la plage et nous avons plonge notre pieds dans la mer quoique il fit froid. apres avoir nous assis a la plage pour quelque temps, nous avons pris le train a parkdale et nous avons joue au tennis. c'etait formidable bien que je soit mauvaise au tennis! au fond, c'etait chouette! ^^

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

one word

happy. sad. angry. anxious. frustrated. disappointed. lonely. hopeful... this is merely a chain of emotions, mixed feelings, like a chain of mismatched beads on a necklace, yet beads all the same. one simple word can mean a lot, yet perhaps to some so less at the same time.

one word can be powerful.

sometimes just one word is enough. but choosing one is difficult. too little or too much...

friendship. love. freedom. peace. sorry. each of these words could carry so much meaning. put in so many different contexts, and mean something totally different yet the same in each. because a dictionary meaning is not enough, that is merely one segment of an infinite line.

one word.


Saturday, December 9, 2006

monday: i'm already dreading it

omg just got reminded today that the vce results come out on monday. arghh... i don't want any of my results back coz they'll prob end up spoiling the rest of my holidays. i don't really mind that much about what i get for bio, but methods...eeeek, i think i might have made a mess of it...just writing about it makes me feel sick.

ok...happy thoughts,happy christmas is coming in another 16 days, my mum's gonna cook some yummy food tonight and i dug out a rather interesting vocab book for 25 different languages in the garage today...

can ignoring a problem fix it? i don't think so...

Sunday, December 3, 2006

to lie or not to lie?

we had dinner with my uncle, aunt, wend and nat yesterday at sofia's. halfway through the dinner, i turned around to make sure my jacket was still on the chair...only to realise a very obvious splat of orange pasta sauce on it (my jacket just so happened to be a white one!) :(

hmm..i wonder who did it? suspect. no. 1 my lil bro who was sitting in the seat next to me. so i asked him as kindly as possible, "leigh did you do that?" hehe and guess what his reply was..." it wasn't me, i didn't do it ...i'm sorry sand!" lol...well no need to tell you who the culprit was...

at first he wouldn't admit it, but by the end of the dinner he did tell me that he did it...i guess he's an honest little boy after all...hehe he did get quiet scared that i would be angry at him, but how could i be angry when he did tell me the truth?

Friday, December 1, 2006


life is not always a perfect and clear pathway, sometimes things don't go as expected, sometimes people can say things that can really cut deep, whether they mean it or not, sometimes things change...

sometimes it feels like looking for something that cannot be found, sometimes it seems like reaching for the sky with bare hands, sometimes it's like trying to row a boat without any oars...

sometimes it is necessary to compromise, sacrifice, let go. though it may seem like merely a couple of words, a chain of letters, pictures made with lines, intangible language ... it isn't an easy thing to do...

perspective. one step back can lead to many steps forward. look from a different point of view. think creatively, outside the confinements....and what may have seemed unachievable, unreachable, impossible isn't anymore.

although life can be hard, never give up hope...and don't forget to smile, not just for the camera nor because smiling requires less muscles than frowning ...but because of all those happy things that do happen in life every now and then...