Wednesday, December 31, 2008

re.collect re.fresh re.start


i thought it was time to sit down in peace and write a decent heartfelt post. and how timely, new year's eve.

two thousand and eight. 2 0 0 8 ? the numbers seem surprisingly mismatched yet so familiar to me. it has been a long and short year. a year of change, as with all other years. 366 days have gone by just like that. i feel that i've wasted most of it, that i should have used time more wisely, more intelligently. so much has changed, so much has happened that i cannot recall when it began. it's been one challenging year, mentally & emotionally gruelling? i don't know if that's the correct adjective...

i have learnt a lot this year, and there is so much, so much more that there is to learn. 2008, a year of realisation, discovery and unexpected obstacles. and uni. first year has been interesting, something that needs adjusting to; new faces, new environment, new things to learn. and now, summer hols, one month through and two more to drift through. and work, work has been relatively good, i like the feeling of doing something productive.

to put down all my thoughts now would be impossible, because too many things are running through my mind. and my eyes keep betraying me, i just want to close them and go to sleep. but i feel compelled to continue typing...

i hope that next year will bring some sort of new beginning, like how the old saying goes, to turn a new leaf. there are so many things i am hoping for, i feel a bit greedy. and i seem to always make wishes that are impossible to grant...

no matter what, 2009, i will welcome you with open arms and a smile from the heart :]

a new year, a fresh start.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

nobody knows


treasured deep behind an icy mist
in a distant world of its own
far away from all known

a wilderness white where light reflects
locked within invisible bars
still they lie, the unhealing scars

fury ruptures and twists with pain
tears well and balloon
yet silence plays the only tune

numbing coldness, frozen stone
when will it melt and wash away?
perhaps the ice will forever stay

unseen, undiscovered, unmapped
a hidden land where nobody goes
a secret nobody knows