Sunday, December 3, 2006

to lie or not to lie?

we had dinner with my uncle, aunt, wend and nat yesterday at sofia's. halfway through the dinner, i turned around to make sure my jacket was still on the chair...only to realise a very obvious splat of orange pasta sauce on it (my jacket just so happened to be a white one!) :(

hmm..i wonder who did it? suspect. no. 1 my lil bro who was sitting in the seat next to me. so i asked him as kindly as possible, "leigh did you do that?" hehe and guess what his reply was..." it wasn't me, i didn't do it ...i'm sorry sand!" lol...well no need to tell you who the culprit was...

at first he wouldn't admit it, but by the end of the dinner he did tell me that he did it...i guess he's an honest little boy after all...hehe he did get quiet scared that i would be angry at him, but how could i be angry when he did tell me the truth?