Thursday, January 18, 2007


is there such thing?

do we all have already laid out paths that will inevitably become our future? could this be the explanation for mere coincidences? and who are we to thank or blame for the seemingly destined happenings that occur? ...that is if destiny exists...

or, could destiny just be a word to label something intangible that would otherwise be an unfathomable mystery?

there are more questions than there are answers, yet it's these questions that make life all the more to live for.


Midnite said...

Hmm...that would depend whether you believe in fate and destiny.
One of the mysteries... do you think that fate sends you little signs or signals that you interpret to determine the outcome?

mamoomi said...

for it is true that our lives are like books.

you can only turn one page at a time and you cannot turn back.

within the words, meaning lies. within the spaces, the full stops, semicolons and commas, life takes a pause, a breath and a silence.

can destiny be determined thru the pages? those thin papery almost transparent pages?

it seems at though at the bottom of each day, each paragraph - a small scrawl of ink dips off. and begins again.

and the book. who put its pages together? who is writing? its slopes, curves and personality flows within the handwriting like the wind gliding along the waves.

you stop and stare.

and you realise that you are not the only book on the shelf.

however each one unique. yet a thumbprint, a signature is marked on them... the only feature that you can call the demoninator.

handcrafted and hand-chosen.