Wednesday, January 23, 2008

enrolment day @ monash

omg ... lol the parkville campus is soooo tiny! though it was prettier and much more modern than i had expected, so that was comforting :)
i couldn't believe how fast enrolment was...basically you just get your name ticked off, get a copy of the student diary and orientation booklet, take a photo for your student i.d. card(which i look horrible in!) and that's it! sally and i were gonna go to have a walk around the campus (not that there's much to walk around...)but most of it was blocked off cos they're still then we decided to go to the bookshop to check out the books on our booklist. the books are all humungous and extremely heavy!! lol and expensive too!
yes, a rather uneventful enrolment day.... =.=
oh well, i hope orientation is much much better!!


mamoomi said...

lol ahhh victorian unis make things more complicated than it should be XD all we had to do for enrolment was click 'accept' on our offer and voile! enrolment done! hehe then o-week :P

ooo parkville! dentistry?