Saturday, February 16, 2008

i visited the freerice website yesterday, initially with some doubt...i mean does anything come free in this world? but then i checked out the site and even went on the bbc news website to verify that freerice was not some con.

the idea of freerice is actually very simple, but also very clever too. it's a vocab game where for every word you get correct 20 grains of rice is donated by the ads that are on that page. you can help save people and improve your vocab at the same time.

just out of curiosity i decided to work out how much 20 grains of rice actually is. our kitchen scales aren't too great so i ended up having to count out 100 grains of rice to get a proper weight. 100 grains = approx 5 grams, so playing the game to get 1000 grains of rice = donating 50 grams of rice.

why not check out the website today? -->


mamoomi said...

hey sand!

freerice is a really clever concept :) i remember trying it out late last year... and was addicted! lol can't believe that you actually counted grains of rice! :O that's def a show of patience and perseverance!

hope to hear from you soon :)