Wednesday, July 15, 2009

something new


it's been a long while since i've sat down to just pour out a few - out of the much too many - thoughts that are swimming around in my mind.

despite my appetite dampening recently, my love for food was still strong enough to lure me into trying out some new recipes today. one that was a major flop, and one that still needs further experimentation.

i went to the health food aisle of coles today to buy some tahini (which is basically sesame seed paste). it's really nutritious, especially the unhulled variety. when i got home, i opened the jar and scooped out a spoonful, expecting a flavoursome burst. but, eeeuuughhh. my first impression - this tastes like bitter chinese herbal medicine. i think the taste was just too strong for me. ohhh dear...and i now i have a 385g jar of it sitting at on earth am i ever gonna finish it? hopefully i find a good recipe to accompany it...soon.

by the afternoon, another crazy idea was tickling me. actually i had heard about it from my cousin, and the thought of a 5-minute-microwave-chocolate-cake had been revolving around in my mind for a couple of the point where i could no longer resist it. it's quite simple and takes under 10 minutes from prep to plating. the cake didn't turn out too bad, albeit a bit dry (probably because i had halved the oil). the highlight of it all was just watching the cake insanely rising from the mug in the microwave. it was quite an incredible sight. i'll definitely try this one again, lol, just for the thrill of watching the cake rise :)



Anonymous said...

yay! u got a new post! i like the name tahini, it sounds like something sweet though. good luck making more cakes!!!