Monday, September 12, 2011

deary me, it's been a while


it's 8:42am and i can't imagine a better way to spend my next ten minutes than to do something that's been floating in my daily 'want-to-do' list for quite some time. often there's things that i see, thoughts that i ponder, things that i do...which, in the back of my mind somewhere, i'm thinking 'oh, wouldn't that be something nice to share on my blog?' but the procrastinating habit and the busyness of life sinks in, and drowns those tiny little thoughts. so here i am with three minutes left to go before class starts and all those things i had wanted to write have dissipated into thin air...hmmm...i'm itching to do something creative and crafty. i dunno, like a handmade card, a brooch, some photography? well, this week, i'm going to create time. yes, that's right, make time for things to happen. start on a fresh new project :) and maybe blog a bit more too :)


mamoomi said...

i totally understand how you're feeling! i get that ALL the time about blogging! hehehe i concur you should make time to do something fun... like... skype with a certain favourite friend *wink wink* some time this week! Xox