Saturday, November 25, 2006


does thinking too much kill one? or is it too less? anger kills. frustration too. but sadness? that drowns. happiness...well i guess one can never have too much of that, n'est-ce pas? :) :) :)

everything requires balance, and balance requires everything.


mamoomi said...

to my dear literary friend,

what a wonderful surprise to visit your blog :) your entries though few are very profound esp how you said 'everything requires balance and balance requires everything'.

keep on blogging ^^


Polar Bear said...

Nice bloggy sand! Hhehee...reading your blog makes me think ;-)

Thinking doesn't's what you think about. Sometimes some negative thoughts can most definately inflict some damage =/

Anonymous said...

hi bluEberry,
lol, is it bad to think too much? how about this one, can anxiety kill one?

Anonymous said...

hey sandra!

just wanna pop in and say "hi"!

nice blooggg!

hope ur holidays are fun and exciting!

catch up soon~~