Saturday, November 25, 2006

what can i say??

sometimes there's just so much that you want to let out but when you come to actually letting it out there seems like nothing's left. nil. zilch. rien.

so here i am thinking, contemplating... maybe i'll just blog for the sake of practicising my french and chinese, french one day, chinese the next, then french again...hehe that sounds so ordered. too ordered. sometimes things are more interesting when you're not anticipating, when it comes out of the blue ...randomness. i'm talking in bits, like pieces of a puzzle that don't exactly fit together, like a book missing pages here and there, like a pen with blotchy ink. fluency, fluidity...that's what i like.


Yimo said...

but mayb fluency and fluidity is also too ordered. i like variety. r u doing chinese next yr? gd luck. ps. not being sarcastic coz i'm sure u'll do very well.

Polar Bear said...

Don't forget "ling" which is chinese for zero ;-)