Sunday, March 25, 2007

can't think

hehe... just realised that mostly what i blog is merely a ramble.. gah.. or maybe i knew all along subconciously..ok that word just made me think of a dozen random stuff too complex for my brain to handle right now.

so what exactly's supposed to go on these blogs, eh? i guess probably like a diary entry kinda thing, recounting, retelling, rethinking. taking a new perspective on things? ok then. ah-hem, so here it goes, my um... 'diary entry':

woke up at half past seven this morning...which technically equates to half past six since it's that daylight saving thingy today (yay got to sleep for an extra hour). so i got up early, and then mum made me bake garlic bread for brekky in the oven and said that i should learn to do things independently - 'i need to learn how to cook! - eventually i managed to preheat the oven and shove in the bread at the right the end it turned out quite nice actually :)

hehe then i watch some kids tv with my lil bro...awww it's so cute..brings back memories of playschool and sesame street ( elmo and zoe rock!) ... haha um mental blank can't remember what show it was..just that it was cute >.<

so then packed my bag and left to catch the bus, which was coming at 8:31 to be exact, well it was supposed to come at that time, but buses aren't exactly the most trustworthy and punctual things so it came a lil late. the bus driver was nice and smiled. anyways the thing i hate bout buses on sundays is that there's like one every hour and chinese school starts at nine thirty so that meant i was like 45 mins early. i sat outside waiting patiently and listening to music and then a bunch of guys who happened to be occupying the bench next to the one i was sitting at starting to make a racket and were laughing about i don't know what but just being really then i had to turn up my music ...gah..stupid ppl...

...enough writing lol i think i've vented enough anger today...dinner time soon, but i'm not very hungry..i think i ate too much for lunch and a ate heaps of watermelon a while after that too!

embrace life, enjoy food ^^


Polar Bear said...

I love that line: "Embrace Life, Enjoy food" =)

Sounds like an eventful day... I've had days worse than that, haha, but I must admit, they make great diary entries XD A perfect day would be really boring to recount and remember :P

Take care sand, hope you are enjoying your holidays =)


Anonymous said...

hi sandra!
nearly everyone seems too busy to blog. sigh. congrats on such a good eng mark!! c'est genial!