Friday, May 18, 2007

the nothing of everything : the everything of nothing

sometimes life drifts by, an endless trickling of time... and how much of that time is passed, staring into nothingness, falling into reveries, waiting for something that will never happen? sift the day for moments of productivity, and there isn't much left in the end. all that wasted time, all those possibilities...what a shame, quel dommage!

but then again, (i am contradicting myself...)if there weren't those unnecessary bits of time in between - those occasional daydreams, those random thoughts, those moments of waiting, wishing, hoping - everything would be compressed. too much to take, it's like trying to close your fist around a basketball, like playing a 4 minute music track in 5 seconds.

so here i am, questions unanswered, mind befuddled by the world...trying to make something out of nothing, attempting to extract substance out of emptiness.

moving with time, being dragged along by time - like sitting in a little boat, on a river, pushed along by the current, the direction of the wind...simply staring at the sights to see, the bridges approaching, the grassy hills, the autumn maple trees, the snow covered mountains - occasionally picking up the camera, taking snippets of images that will later become memories...


Anonymous said...

and sandra deeply philosohpizes, let me try: um hum num, thats right, um hum num, ah hah, my philosophical revelation!!! drum roll please.... !!!!! there once was a cat whose name was pat and was owned by a postman with a black hat!!!