Sunday, May 27, 2007

qu'est-ce que je dois faire?

right now i feel like wasting my time, i know i should be doing a whole lot of other more important things - like studying, for example - but something pulls me back, telling me to plonk it all aside.

maybe i need this time to rethink, replan ... reflect? ok, so what exactly have i done this long week-end? the answer seems to knock me mercilessly on the forehead, i don't think i've actually done much, very nice...

but now shouldn't be a time to dive back into what i should or shouldn't have done...instead, what i will do, what i will accomplish:

- study for french sac (thursday)
- study for chem sac (friday)
- catch up with my viscomm folio
- start studying for chem mid-years
- do chinese homework (sunday)

et voila, my to-do list for the week, which i shall start to work on ...tomorrow