Saturday, December 29, 2007

post christmas post

christmas day outing : 2007
we drove for like 2 hours to hanging rocks, only to discover that the it was not open on christmas day! very dodgy. so then we went to some random deserted park nearby for lunch instead, because we were all starving by then. but, at the picnic grounds there were all these little flying thingys, which was really gross. so then we ended up eating bread inside the car. yes, very very dodgy. so we drove all the way back to melbourne and went to albert park lake to finish off our lunch, then things weren't too bad after all. after that we went to st. kilda beach which was quite nice, but i was all prepared for hiking at hanging rocks and so i didn't have any thongs or anything... we flew a kite there, that was fun, it was good that it was pretty windy so we could get the kite pretty high :) however, the kite was one of those really dodgy plastic ones so it kinda broke after a while...then we couldn't fly it anymore :( ...but we dipped our feet in the water and had running races on the sand so that was fun =P

boxing day shopping : so many people!!!
i think it was the first time i've been boxing day shopping and it was soooo crowded and the fitting room lines were long as. but we all ended up scooping some nice bargains and i finally bought some comfy and nice sandals so i was really happy ^^

oh dear! i just realised that we forgot to take photos on christmas !! ....oh time i'll definitely remember...