Saturday, December 22, 2007


first time that i've blogged since exams finished and everything. now that yr 12 is officially and entirely over i feel more than anything - relief. apparently uni isn't as stressful..or so some say. but uni? ...uni? i don't think i'm ready for it yet..i don't want to grow up!! it's another step into the real world and i'm scared. i admit it, i'm a scaredy cat..i'm like scared about everything from the dark, to ghost even talking to ppl sometimes. i'm not very brave. but i wish i was. and i wish i didn't have to grow up ...haha i wanna be like peter pan and never grow up lol i don't even really know the story...

is there a way to increase my EQ? because if there is i wanna know, cos i think my EQ is very low. is there some way to improve social skills ? lol i need that too. sometimes i really wish i had a different personality, someone more talkative, less shy, more courageous...i wish i knew what to say at the right time...

this is really random but i just wanted to say that i finally baked choc chip cookies! (like 2 weeks ago) lol that had been on my to do list since the start of the year...and the cookies didn't turn out too bad i guess, a bit too much butter though but otherwise i'm happy ^^

look o.O -->
(okay, the tips of some of the choc chips are a tad bit burnt -.- ...but it tastes ok anyway! ......i hope! )

i think i really need to learn more cooking on the hols or i'd be eating 2 minute noodles everyday when i grow up [which unlike most ppl, i dun really like eating] i guess i just have to accept the fact that i do actually have to grow up ... maybe one day... but not now

now i feel like being lazy, not studying for my l's, not cleaning up my room, not doing anything at all and just typing random stupid incomprehensible stuff (i.e. this!)

lol i can't believe i've written so much, i can talk a lot when i want to i guess...haha i seem to say 'i guess' a lot...i guess (there it is again!)it's cos i'm not so sure about anything, because everything seems kinda flimsy, anything can change, and nothing really stays the same...