Sunday, May 4, 2008

me + my thoughts ---->

for some reason i feel like i've accomplished a lot this week. i finally went to do my interview with a dentist, finished my notes for genetics and also notes for those i didn't do last week, got the flu vaccine this morning, am over half way through the first draft of my essay... :] yay!!! hehe...

it's so easy to procrastinate and think 'oh, i'll do that later, it's not that important anyway, i've got plenty of time...' then things pile up like crazy and the end of the story, needless to say, is not exactly a pleasant one. so, i've decided to stop procrastinating and get things done straight away...haha dunno how long this is gonna last though...but at least i've tried >.< and i think making the effort is perhaps the second most important ... after persistence...ok so i guess i'll have to be persistent too....seems like i've made things more complicated than they were *sigh*

sometimes i think, wouldn't it be so good if everything in the world was simple, if everyone in the world had simple minds, and no one was scheming evil plans, no one telling lies, no one making other people sad, what a happy world that would be... human beings are as intelligent a creature as they are stupid, like what einstein said ' only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and i'm not so sure about the former'


Anonymous said...

i completely agree...simple minds, simple people
why did adam and eve eat the forbidden fruit?
why did life have to be unfair?