Wednesday, June 4, 2008

+ one month post

it has been exactly one month since i last posted a blog entry. lots of things can happen in a month, good things, bad things, things that don't mean much, things that mean a lot, happy things, funny things, sad things, annoying things...i've just written a whole lot of 废话 but i can't be bothered backspacing it cos i'm not in such a great mood today.

i should be studying IBS now, i haven't reviewed the immune system yet and i haven't reviewed a bunch of other stuff either. sometimes when i'm in a bad mood i eat lots of food lol... bingeing on junk food, very lately i've been switching to healthier alternatives (don't know how long its gonna last though...) i ate some dried apricots and a seedless mandarin just a while ago. last night i was helping my bro with reading and it was a book about what a fruit is, it said that fruits come from a plant, grow from the flower and have seeds. so a tomato is a fruit, a squash is a fruit and pumpkins are fruit...which i found kinda interesting, cos i used to think that pumpkin soup was a vegetable soup, lol but its a actually a fruit soup ...

i remember we had a class debate in yr 8 once, about whether summer or winter was better, i was on the winter side, but now i'm not so sure whether i do like winter better... right now my hands and feet and are like unmeltable ice, and i'm wearing gloves and socks already... the doctor once said that my blood circulation wasn't very good, which was why i used have headaches and stuff, and she told me to exercise to improve blood flow or something like that, i wonder how it works... is it increasing the capillary diameter, or like causing cardiac muscle hypertrophy so it pumps blood better...neither sound how did i get onto this topic? lol it seems like a sign that i should be getting back to studying IBS....


MZ-Midnite said...

Hi Sand!
I hate exams...period. I have exams three days in a row... xP
Good luck for your exams!

Love, Monica