Monday, February 8, 2010

c is for cupcake


i have this recent obsession with cupcakes, not that i've baked any (yet!) or even eaten any in the past so many months...

there's something sweet and rather fairytale-ish about cupcakes. perhaps, deep down inside i'm just keen to go crazy over decorating mini cakes with icing, choc chips, sprinkles, name it. i haven't yet found a good enough excuse to bake and embellish a batch of cupcakes though >_< and i really should be eating healthy food instead of rich lusciously delicious cupcakes brimming with sweet sugar, creamy butter and a load of other high GI the meantime, (while i gather motivation to exercise and think of a convincing excuse to create some cupcakes) i figured i'd just doodle it out onto my sketchbook instead - 100% fun and 0% calories :]

...and voila, a petit gateaux, from blueberrymint's sketchbook bakery.....



mamoomi said...

YAY for cupcakes!! ^^ i totally get what you mean.. arrgh why are the yummy foods either cholesterol-inducing/blood-sugar spiking/artery clogging/adipose generators?? haha jks jks. i'm sure there's SOME healthy things which are nice.. though i cannot think of an example right this min.... :P

luv mash xox

Monica said...

Oooh that's a really cute drawing Sand! I love cupcakes, muffins, brownies, all the ridiculously sweet stuff. Hehee!

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