Wednesday, May 5, 2010

little adventure


finished uni at 5 today, fell asleep on the train, trudged up the concrete stairs of my platform towards the bus stop...only to find the smartbus realtime display telling me that the next bus would be coming in 41mins....i double checked, triple-checked...=_=" umm??

it was shiveringly cold and the bus stop area was becoming quickly deserted....then i saw the other bus at another bus stop around the corner...and some kinda lightbulb inside my semi-frozen brain spontaneously lit up. it was an entirely different new bus route that kinda went somewhere around where i live, but not near enough to be within decent walking distance. an uncertain 41mins wait, or an uncertain bus which i had never even caught before? as i scurried towards the bus i did time estimations in my mind whilst praying that the indicator lights of the bus wouldn't change. i managed to hop on just in time :)

when i got off the bus, the odd unfamiliarity with the surroundings along with the dark cloaked sky made me feel somewhat adventurous - little me, on a chilly autumn night, trekking through some mysterious part of my neighbourhood that i'd only ever driven past a couple of times.

it was refreshing, walking that extra 15 or 20 minutes, on a different route, but heading towards the same destination as usual. and it reminded me, once again, of the significance of cherishing the journey itself, and that there isn't always one set way to do things, obstacles are only challenges waiting to give you an opportunity...

life is an adventure



Monica said...

Very well said, Sand! We learn through mistakes, there may be dead ends along the journey, but there is always a way! ^_^

Hope uni is going well!