Friday, May 28, 2010

venture and you shall discover


another friday, and here comes the end of sem one, it's been one long, yet suprisingly short semester...feeling mentally bloated from the information overload, sleep deprived from the countless 8am starts, and probably a bit vitamin d deficient cos i haven't been seeing enough of the sun...but on the other hand, this semester's also been one colossal adventure in itself: in uni, around uni, outside of uni....funny how it's kinda all revolving around uni....

...bits and pieces of my explorations and discoveries...

[un \ 1'] seeing REAL patients at the dent hospital; getting hands on experience, despite not knowing much but still being able to make a change and contribute to improving someone's quality of life, and completing the course of care for my first patient, seeing her smile, her appreciation - and the 8am lectures, the millions of lecture notes to store in my brain, all the hard work and long hours...were worthwhile, more than worthwhile

[deux \ 2''] joining a 10 day membership at the gym for $10, haha one hell of a bargain even though i only went 4 times or something, the fitness classes were the best, weights, step ups, yoga...and most memorable of all - the body jam class - an eclectic mix of hip hop, funk and latin taught by an eccentricly entertaining it still makes me laugh thinking of those crazy dance moves...

[trois \ 3'"] getting introduced to the common room sandwich press by two of my lovely fellow dent friends. i had always known the existence of the sandwich press but was always too lazy, and could never be bothered going through all the trouble...however... after the first time toasting my sandwich, i think i got a bit addicted :P the toasty bread taste, the warmth, the smell of my freshly sandwich-pressed lunch, and the melted cheese especially ---yummmm!!

and ..quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix....the list just goes on and on and on and on...maybe i'll save them for another time ^^

written with love, with heart, and with many smiles :]
from me xoxo


Monica said...

Thank you Sand! =D

I wish you all the best with your exams, and it sounds like you've learned heaps this semester! Good luck pal! ^_^