Saturday, June 5, 2010

five ways to brighten up another swotvac day


1. dig out those long forgotten coloured pencils and sketchbook, and let imagination run wild

2. bring the kettle to the boil and brew a cup of soothing-super healthy-antioxidant packed green tea

3. jump up and down counting to 100, release some serotonin and endorphins for an energy boost, no kidding - it really works :P

4. music, music, music.....

5. forget about dental decay for twenty minutes, and relish a luscious strawberries and cream chupa chup ^^



Monica said...

Awww sweet tips there Sand! Thanks! =P
Good luck for your exams! :D

mamoomi said...

sand~!! awww such a cute post! ^^ loving the photos :) the ever-so-artistic one! all the best for your exams too! thanks heaps for checking out my blog :) :) *BIG HUG* love love mash