Monday, August 2, 2010



funny, how we're all the same yet different.
odd, how things change so much yet they don't.
strange, how unreasonable reason can be.

it's like a train without brakes, a sky with a hole, a house without a door, a book with shredded pages, an umbrella upside down...


please excuse, this lack of expressibility



mamoomi said...

aww :) that is a very interesting thought, sand!! *hug* hmm i suppose we just take the normal.. as normal.. and when it goes awry it does strike us as rather odd! hehe. oo random masho fact.. hehe mash's got earrings!! anyway love to read your blogs, sand :) you are always so perceptive!

lisad said...

hi sand

the first paragraph of your blog make me think of the relative nature of everything

the second paragraph makes me think of the parts that are integral to the whole

just my thoughts :)


Monica said...

Hmmm...*strokes imaginary beard*
Interesting post there, Sand!