Monday, June 30, 2008

.... on a happier note ^____^

for some bizarre reason i feel particularly optimistic, happy and energised today, as if a burden has been lifted off my shoulders and i feel somewhat lighter (, only figuratively (i still need to work on the exercising.. =="))

this year has had its unexpected ups and depressingling low downs; 2008 - a turbulent year to say the least. lots of things happen and not just in a linear fashion, but rather interweave different coloured almost-torn threads tangled together, each thread making the mass all the more confusing than it already is....

but that's what life is like, colourful.

yet, at the same time it's fragile. sometimes letting go is better than holding on tight. taking each step as an fulfilling accomplishment rather than merely heading blindly towards a goal that's a mile away. giving yet asking for nothing in return. putting up a smile in the face of adversity, seeing the glow when the darkness has absorbed the light.

cherishing every moment, living without regrets.