Thursday, August 21, 2008

(lost & found)

this is perhaps the first week since the beginning of the semester that i have finally gotten a start on studying. i wonder why i didn't start earlier, because i sure regret it now...and whatever happened to my 'stop procrastinating' thing? i guess i'm the only to blame.

indeed, recently, out of nowhere, i've found myself some motivation, by some serendipitous luck i assume. maybe that was what went missing for while. like a paperclip missing beneath the cluttered mass on an untidy desk; lost among the crowd of paper, books and pens. or maybe its merely an unasked for exchange, for something forever lost. a compensation? i'd like to think better of it.

lost and found. as intrinsic a part of life as the law of gravity is to earth.


mamoomi said...

heya sand!

i reli like ur analogy to finding motivation to finding lost paperclips :)

i hope i can find my motivation soon! AHHH. but yeah already drained from midsem exams ><

anyway all the best with everything, sandROAR!