Sunday, October 5, 2008

好天气 [ good weather ]


one can predict the weather. one can prepare for the predicted weather. but the weather can never be at the will of human beings.

one day the skies may be a cloudless blue, and the next it may be a raging storm, a cyclone even. the winds may be bellowing; like a giant whose anger is beyond control, wreaking havoc and tossing the trees, homes and poor earthlings awry. the rain may be belting down mercilessly in truckloads, nonstop. the sunshine may be lost among the gloom of the heavy grey clouds that emanate misery in its darkest form. one may be soaked to the bones by the cold tears of the sky.

one may feel lost, helplessly trapped in devastation. it may seem as if the sun has eternally vanished. one may be hurt, forever scarred.

but the good weather will one day return, yet only if one hangs in there long enough despite the unfavourable circumstances. only if one can see the glints of light amongst the misfortune. just hang in there, and sunshine will radiate the skies once again.



Anonymous said...

hi sandra! awesome layout!

Anonymous said...

above comment was me, shimmer lol

mamoomi said...


loving ur new layout :P reminds me of koko black or max brennans :P

it's always darkest right before dawn... hang in there!


Midnite said...

Wow, nice layout! =)
I went and got meself one too! Hehe :P

Anonymous said...

hey sand!
awesome new design, very nice chocolate effect! =]
passionate happy...

Anonymous said...

nice vocab used btw