Sunday, November 23, 2008

a little day from my little world


today has been more unproductive than i thought it would have been. but somehow i still managed to scrape through some chem revision and had extra motivation to go for a 30 minute walk ... so i'm satisfied. lately i've had a slight obsession with doing those quiz thingys on ... some of its quite true, i liked the 'what does your handwriting one say about you?' one, i'd say 90% accurate...

and i decided to read the newspaper today, like actually read entire articles, usually i just skim and recycle it. two articles particularly caught my attention - one was about happiness and the other was about tears... what a coincidence they happen to appear in the paper on the same day! the happiness one was about the relationship between the activities that people do and how happy they were. apparently some research found that unhappy people tend to watch tv more... weird huh? but its interesting how they thought of drawing a correlation between happiness and activities... i think in the end it always depends on the person of course, on personality.

anyhows, moving on, the other article was about how crying is beneficial being that emotional tears released can actually expel chemicals related with stress. so literally when you cry, you are letting out the stress. and crying is a unique human trait...i always thought that other animals could too...hmm... i think that illusion must be from watching too much cartoon and kids movies... >.<