Monday, November 17, 2008

ramble ramble ramble .....


yeah, i know, i should be studying since the anatomy exam is almost 3 hours away but meh...relaxation is just as good a preparation for exams right? haha or am i just making up an excuse to be lazy?

anyhows i think i've had enough of neck muscles and their attachments ( and valves of the heart, larynx and phonation, nerves and blood supplies...and the list just goes on...and on....and on....) for the week. i'm actually glad to have 3 exams this week because then they'll be over and done with and i can get another step closer to the summer hols!!

studying at home gets rather boring after a while, if i wasn't at all interested in this semester's content i probably would've dozed off a couple of dozen times this i'm glad that at least some bits of anatomy are interesting :)

oh, and i am so very annoyed at my next door neighbours who have decided to plant a gigantic swimming pool in their backyard. haven't they realised there's a drought at the moment?? and the local pool is only a 10 minute drive away ... *sigh* rich people who don't have more creative and useful ways to spend their money... and what bugs me at the moment is that they're laying down the tiles and rebuilding the fence right now, and my room is on the side that's next to them, which means all the unbearable noise from the sawing and drilling and etc only needs to travel a very short distance to reach my room and drive me insane!!! arghhhh.... stupid neighbours....

lol enough venting and rambling for now... even if i don't study, i do at least need to munch on some lunch before i head to uni... yay! hehe.... food makes me happy :P



Anonymous said...

hi sandra!
good luck for ur exams!
food makes me happy too! hehe
ps. thats a very cute drawing u hav of a robot? listening to an mp3 :)

bluberrymint said...

thanks shimmer :)