Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LBL day one, where are my tastebuds going?


day one of the challenge and i'm feeling pretty energised despite the lack of flavour and variety in my carefully portioned meals. i'm quite happy about the groceries i managed to buy with only $10, and although taste is a bit compromised, at least i can get an almost balanced menu, plus an apple a day!

today's food has turned out pretty well, even with my two failed attempts - at cooking a soft boiled egg (which turned out hard boiled =.=") and at frying an egg without oil (which i ended up having to convert into scrambled egg). i think by the end of these five days i might get eggs/oats/carrots-phobia after consuming a dozen eggs, 900g of oats and 1kg of carrots.

day one menu:

brekky - creamy oats + hard boiled egg
lunch - scrambled egg sandwich + toast + carrot sticks
afternoon tea - apple
dinner - mixed vegies porridge

oh i'm craving chocolate....and seeing all the yummy food when i open the pantry or fridge door to take out my meagre food supplies really doesn't help! but the rather bland meals, lack of choice and limited nutrition, really makes me think of those who are living below the line each and everyday. we are very fortunate to have so many things that are often taken for granted.
feeling extra extra extra grateful today.