Monday, June 6, 2011

living below the line from tomorrow!


finally finished midyear exams this morning, hello holidays! this year, i'm gonna start my winter break on a different note. from tomorrow till saturday, i'll be doing the live below the line challenge.

for the next five days, i'll being living on $2 of food each day to help raise funds for the oaktree foundation, thanks to all the wonderful support and donations from my family and friends. fundraising from this campaign will be going towards helping establish and maintain schools in impoverished communities in cambodia, papua new guinea and east timor.

education can make longlasting changes in the plight to eradicate poverty. with the help of scholarships, training, building of facilities and equipping schools with adequate resources, many more children will have the opportunity to learn, and receive the education that is key to breaking this vicious cycle of extreme poverty.

$1.4 billion people, or in other words, one fifth of the world, are living on $2 or less everyday. although only eating $2 of food a day is only a small challenge compared to that those in poverty face on a daily basis, i hope that through this tiny taste of their struggle, i can not only gain a better understanding of myself and the world around me, but also be able to do a little bit of something for others.

after much planning and going to the market plus coles, and aldi too, i managed to get a fairly healthy bunch of grocery that will hopefully satisfy me for five days - breakfast, lunch and dinner - that's 15 meals!

looking forward to an exciting challenge ahead! :)