Tuesday, August 17, 2010

adventure # 1 - once upon a time


maybe monday wasn't exactly the best day to start an adventure, considering i left the house before the sun rose properly, and came back home after the sun set...nevertheless, i did manage to squeeze in twenty or so minutes for a little adventure...

books are one of those amazing things that despite being only made from paper and ink, can take you to places without you having to move at all.

imagination is beautiful.

and just to add to the experimentalness of this project, i decided to read something i wouldn't normally read...and what's better than entering the wonderful world of fairytales. that's right, thinking cinderella, rapunzel, snow white, rumpelstiltskin...and who can forget the frog prince? but reading those classic fairytales would just contradict the whole point of trying something new...thankfully there were tales like fred & kate, the little peasant and doctor know-all from grimm's fairytales to kindly shed a new light on once-upon-a-time stories for me. simple tales, simple humour and simply clever storytelling...

...a bedtime story was the perfect end to a long and exhausting day *yawns*...