Sunday, August 22, 2010

adventure # 2 - weekend collage


i'm feeling a bit guilty...this adventure project was originally intended to be a ten day thing...though i think at this rate i may need to amend it to a thirty day project >< ...

my computer decided to very kindly go on a strike on wednesday and i've had to format it, so i'm still busy trying to reinstall all my programs back in which is taking a painstakingly long time! there's always a silver lining to everything, and amongst all the program cd's, i found my rather ancient adobe photoshop elements installation cd...yay :)

and here's where photoshop brought me...

[p.s. it's a collage of my weekend :

L to R : (1) colour the world; (2) rainy day saturday; (3) best ever nando's ad from the sunday age; (4) costume designing for my lil bro's book character parade; (5) stamps, stamps and more stamps; (6) green tea; (7) note-it post-it; (8) an apple a day; (9) textbooks which sadly i only managed to read 0.01% of during what was supposed to be a productive sunday]