Sunday, August 15, 2010

ten day adventure project


a quarter of the semester has rushed by, and rather surreptitiously in fact - so much so that i'm looking in my diary a bit taken aback by how much i've already forgotten about what has happened in the past three weeks. is it that when we keep doing, and hearing, the same things again and again that things become a bit blurred together - like the monotone lecturer hyponotising you to sleep before you're even halfway through the lecture slides?

maybe it's just this uni-work-weekend cycle that keeps rolling by endlessly...or perhaps the laziness seeping into me quite deeply, too deeply...i guess it's still the midst of, brain in hibernation mode? possibly.

no matter how, what or a lightbulb flashing, something somewhere in the back of my mind is jumping up and down and shouting out, 'time for an adventure!' indeed, it may be.

i think adventure often has some sort of large-scale epic-journey-in-a-foreign-place notion to it, like trekking through the amazon jungle or sailing across the atlantic ocean...but i'd like to take 'adventure' from a different perspective today...

adventure is discovery, it's taking that step beyond the usual boundaries, trying something new - exhilaration brewed with joy, and a few leaves of mint for freshness.

i'm going to embark on a ten day adventure, startin from tomorrow. yups, that's right, tomorrow. but nope, i'm not hopping on plane, nor jumping into a boat and neither will i be going on a roadtrip...i'm heading to unfamiliar avenue, discovery city, somewhere amongst the hustle bustle of this universe...

a ten day - ten new things project. dedicating a slice of my day to something different, and out of the ordinary from my usual.

this will be a one of a kind adventure, just wait and see :)



Monica said...

Thank you Sand! =) Hope your semester is going well so far!

I agree uni can get quite repetitive every week. But do tell us of the adventures! =)